Montag, 25. April 2011

The little things

Sometimes there are those small adjustments to unimportant stuff, that give you a complete new view.

Freitag, 22. April 2011

That feeling

Do you know that feeling? You go to a concert. You are the designated driver. Everybody around you is getting more drunk every minute. You drink your first RedBull before the first band even starts playing. You drink your second RedBull while the concert happens. And you drink your third RedBull just before you drive home. When you arive home, you sit down, it's 4 a.m., and now the three Redbull kick in. Pic related.

Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

I'm back

That was a really busy long weekend. I will try to update more often again. Maybe i will upload new pictures on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and in between i will write about anything that comes to my mind. So long.

Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

A few days off

Because of work, i will not be able to post until monday. You will hear from me then.

Freitag, 8. April 2011

Dienstag, 5. April 2011

Montag, 4. April 2011

Still sick

So, i am still in bed, but i am getting better. Even with the flu the tour was great. But it's still sad, when you have to cancel a few gigs. I will post a few more pics in the next few days.

Samstag, 2. April 2011

Back from tour

So, i am back from my tour. i catched the flu on the way and now i am in bed.
Hopefully i will upload some new pictures in the next days.

Mittwoch, 23. März 2011


I'm going on tour with my band on friday. So expect some new material when i am back.